Earn Money Recycling Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are quite costly to manufacture because of the high price of the raw material and complicated processes of preparation. Cobalt is the most expensive metal used in Li-ion which is a lustrous gray material used for manufacturing high density alloys and magnets. Every year huge quantities of Li-ions batteries are rejected every year […]

Earn Money Recycling Cardboard

Recycling is the art of saving money, natural resources and also becoming innovative with the things. There is concept of recycling going high in every industry. Whether it is minerals, semiconductors, glass, or paper; everything is recycled. Recycling of cardboard is also amongst one of the prominent and high demanding sectors, where corrugated cardboard boxes […]

Benefits of Recycling

The benefits of recycling are not for making some money, but also for helping the environment. If everyone would take recyclable materials to drop off sites to dispose of, the environment would have less waste in landfill sites. This helps the environment because landfill sites are filling up quickly and new ones are opening everyday. […]

A Recycling Drive Is A Way Of Making Money

Schools, businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals enjoy running recycling drives. The way this works is that, the group doing the drive selects containers for every item they will be taking as a donation from the public or employees. They then advertise that they are looking for certain items. In many cases, people who have items […]