Earn Money Recycling Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are quite costly to manufacture because of the high price of the raw material and complicated processes of preparation. Cobalt is the most expensive metal used in Li-ion which is a lustrous gray material used for manufacturing high density alloys and magnets. Every year huge quantities of Li-ions batteries are rejected every year and because of the high expense of cobalt we can easily realize why it is important to recycle such batteries. The logic becomes more prominent when the cost of labour and other production factors are taken into consideration. Recycling campaigns have been initiated with the introduction of cranking motor in the year of 1912. But to reduce the price of the battery this process of recycling was greatly encouraged to some extent by the government of USA. At present it has become a most profitable venture for many young enterprising people. With increase in industrial development many owners do require raw materials for preparing high powered batteries. In this scenario, availability of raw material without incurring any considerable expense on transportation they been able to obtain them from such enterprising individuals.  The environmental authorities have fixed certain guidelines for recycling the batteries that include proper sewage system in the drainage system and the use of chimney to cover the factory pipes from emitting pollutant smoke and smog from affecting the nearby bio-diversity.

Batteries produced from recycled products often have long durability and reliability in terms of services. Though recycling of batteries is a complex process and involves similar extraction cost but with adequate training and supervision this task can be easily accomplished. Now many non- profitable organisations are encouraging the recycling of batteries as it also generates decent scope for employment to the marginalised section of the population. Battery recycling also puts less economic pressure on the coffer of the Government as the import expenditure is quite higher to purchase batteries from countries like Japan and China. Recycled batteries can be used for a variety of a transport projects to provide high speed transportation facility to the people with zero level of pollution. Many private firms are encouraging this initiative as they will be entitled to government patronage to enjoy less taxation under this scheme. Recycling of batteries have also provided a great impact to the electricity industry because it plays a major role in producing electricity without obtaining coals and other exhaustive materials from the soil.

Even many schools are conducting workshops in association with many philanthropic organizations on the utilization of the discarded batteries. The main idea that we can obtain from the fact is that discarded batteries made up of Lithium-ion, Nickel and other components reduce the extraction and purchasing cost of such materials to many industrial and power sectors of a country. Companies like Apple and Samsung are reaping the benefits of recycled batteries as it reduces their additional cost of importing such costly batteries from other countries. In return the firms selling recycled batteries to such organizations are receiving huge financial incentives from them.

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