How to Make Money Recycling Wine Corks

If you have regular parties at your place or you own a bar then you can consider recycling wine corks as a nice money making option. Instead of wasting wine corks you must start recycling them as they can help you earn nice amount of money. The first thing you need to do is to contact a recycling center and get the wine corks recycled. Since you will be doing this on a regular basis you need to contact a nice recycling center that can help you get them recycled on time. Recycling the wine bottles and corks is not very expensive and you can easily get this done by spending few pennies.

The rates for these recycled wine corks differ from state to state but you can be rest assured that there are huge amount of buyers in every state and you can consider this as a nice option for making money regularly. For example you get 0.05 cents per bottle in Iowa and 0.15 cents in Maine. Some of the states have started bottle exchange programs too and this has been providing people with a nice option to sell wine corks with ease. If you keep doing well and do this on a regular basis then you can increase the rate and reach around $1 per wine bottle easily.
Making money out of wine corks is bit new for everyone and people are not aware of this. You can take advantage of this opportunity and start selling the recycled corks to as many buyers as possible. But it is important that you follow a proper process to attract the prospective buyers. Make sure you are aware of following things:

  • Clean the bottles: You should make sure that the bottles are clean and washed with hot water.
  • The buyer will only be attracted if you provide them with clean wine cork that is washed with soap and hot water. It is not important to remove the labels as there are many people who like to buy empty bottles that have label on them.
  • Make sure you are not selling one or two; you must have at least more than a dozen so that it can be listed for sale.
  • eBay listings: eBay is one of the best place where you can sell the wine corks and bottles.
  • You should make two different listings, one for the bottles and one for the wine corks. This would increase your chances to make more money out of them.
  • Wine corks have a tendency to sell in lots of as many as 20 to 500. You will get at least 20 cents each per cork and this can be a hefty sum you are able to sell them in bulk.
  • Before sending the wine corks make sure that you have mentioned the shipping costs of the wine corks in the listing. You can have a look at other listings if you are facing problems in determining the rates and prices.

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