Earn Your School Money Recycling

Earn Money for School by Recycling
If you are looking for a good fund raiser for your school then you definitely should check out the program linked below. Funding Factory was established to help schools and other non-profit organizations raise money by recycling. Get students at your school to bring in old ink cartridges to raise some extra money for your school plus most schools use quite a few ink cartridges themselves! Unlike many of the other ink cartridge recycling programs we have researched online, Funding Factory accepts most all commonly used ink cartridges (they claim about 85% of those used today). In addition to collecting used ink cartridges Funding Factory recycles old cell phones. This is another item that many families have just laying around the house doing nothing. Once your school gets signed up for this program it should be easy to get a good collection of ink cartridges and used cell phones together to mail in for cash for your school!

Worried the fund raiser might not work well? Funding Factory will also help with your school’s fund raising efforts by providing you with flyers, posters, drop off signs, and other promotional materials to help your school achieve it’s goal recycling used ink cartridges. Funding Factory wants you and your fund raiser to succeed and will help you the best they can. This is yet another great reason to choose Funding Factory over some of the alternatives that are available.




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